Vacation Rental Insurance; What Are The Benefits Of It?

What are the benefits of vacation rental insurance? Today, I will tell you about the key characteristics of the vacation rental insurance.

Vacation Rental Insurance; What Are The Benefits Of It?

Renting a rental for a vacation is the best way to go away from it all while still being able to enjoy all the amenities of home, so it’s no wonder they’re so popular. You might not have thought about how useful travel insurance might be when you rent a vacation property, though. The following list of five ways travel insurance can save you time and money while you’re relaxing in your home-away-from-home.

1. Protect your rental security deposit.

This is a choice that seems obvious. Travel insurance might assist protect a non-refundable rental deposit you’ve made for a vacation home in case you have to call off your trip for a covered cause (like illness or injury, a natural disaster, jury duty, and more). And that can help you feel much more at ease about spending your hard-earned money.

Let’s imagine, for example, that a few days before you’re scheduled to move into the rental house, you suddenly experience excruciating abdominal discomfort. You go to the doctor and are informed that you have appendicitis and require immediate surgery. Your doctor also informs you that you won’t be able to travel for a few days since you’ll need to rest. Okay, so it’s probably you dont want to hear, but at least you were wise enough to purchase travel insurance, so even though your vacation isn’t occurring, you can at least receive your rental deposit back. You receive a letter from your doctor verifying your condition and advising against travel, which you can include with your travel insurance claim. You may now concentrate on your own recuperation because the matter of getting your money back has been resolved.

2. Guard against trip cancellations.

You already know that travel insurance may safeguard you before you leave, but did you realise it can also come to your rescue if you have to shorten your vacation at a rental home for a covered reason?

Imagine you have just begun to unwind after arriving at your rental house when your brother phones with some dreadful news: even if it means shortening your trip, you’ll want to get there as soon as possible. Your mother has suffered a catastrophic heart attack and is in the hospital. So that you may concentrate on your family’s medical emergency without worrying about losing money on top of it, travel insurance can assist you get reimbursed for the portion of your vacation that was not used.

3. Contact 24-hour support for any type of medical or travel-related difficulties.

Let’s face it: life is erratic, and occasionally you don’t know what you’ll need until you do. That is precisely why one of the best characteristics of travel insurance is the availability of our 24-hour service. You can contact us at any moment for assistance with any major or minor medical or travel-related need.

Consider the scenario when you spend the day at your beach rental enjoying the sun, only to discover that you didn’t apply enough sunscreen. Your entire body is indeed crimson, and you are concerned that you may even have sun poisoning. You urgently want medical attention, but the nearest hospital is three hours away, and you are unsure of where to go. So you contact our round-the-clock assistance, and one of our helpful staff members helps you locate a nearby, vetted medical facility where you can receive the care you require. They even inform your loved ones of your condition and when you will be released.

4. Use concierge services to make your life simpler.

To emphasise, you chose to rent a home because you wanted all the comforts of home. Because you don’t want to treat this vacation even remotely like home, where you’re worried about organising everything from meals to activities, that’s the last thing you want to do.

Our round-the-clock assistance can offer concierge services for a variety of things to ease your vacation in addition to medical and travel-related assistance. You might wish to check out local eateries that will prepare family dinners for you every night of your trip (the fully-stocked kitchen in your rental is nice, but so is letting someone else cook for a change). Our concierge staff can conduct the research and compile a selection of dining establishments for you to choose from. Or perhaps you’d want to rent a bike to tour the nearby sights; our concierge staff can assist you in arranging this with a local vendor (but be aware that you’re liable for any fees related to reservations and other activities).

5. Make your vacation safer and easier with our free TravelSmartTM app.

TravelSmart, our free app that enables you to carry your plan with you while on the go, is included with every Allianz travel insurance plan. TravelSmart includes some pretty useful safety features you won’t want to overlook in addition to providing you with a convenient method to view all of your plan benefits in one location.

The first is the Alerts function, which provides you with timely location-based information about events that are happening nearby, including those involving the weather, security, travel, culture, and more. Let’s take the scenario where you’re considering spending the entire day kayaking at your lakefront rental. You check TravelSmart and discover a warning about potentially dangerous weather; possible tornadic activity that would surely rule out your kayaking excursion. You can now change your plans to something enjoyable indoors and postpone your kayaking excursion for another day.

The Around Me feature also aids in locating nearby hospitals, drug stores, and law enforcement offices. Let’s imagine you fell asleep by the water and then woke up covered with bites. Use Around Me to locate a local drugstore that offers itch alleviation.

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